Accelerate Your Post-Accident Recovery

Accelerate Your Post-Accident Recovery

In the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident, the journey to recovery extends far beyond just addressing surface-level symptoms. It entails delving deep into holistic healing approaches that not only alleviate immediate discomfort but also foster long-term well-being by tackling underlying issues. Forest Park Wellness recognizes the importance of such comprehensive care, offering a holistic approach that nurtures the entire body and delves into the root causes of various health conditions.

Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery and Beyond

Led by Dennis “Kaz” Kasunic, Forest Park Wellness is committed to guiding patients through a transformative journey of healing and restoration. Whether you’re grappling with acute or chronic pain, recovering from injuries, battling insomnia, anxiety, or depression, or contending with issues such as digestion problems, allergies, or asthma, our tailored approach is designed to meet your unique needs.

For those who have experienced the trauma of a motor vehicle accident, our specialized care extends to you as well. We understand the physical, emotional, and psychological toll that such incidents can exact, and we’re here to offer compassionate support and effective treatment. Through acupuncture and massage therapy, we provide not just relief from pain, but a pathway to holistic recovery.

Our Commitment to Your Health

One aspect that sets us apart is our commitment to making this vital care accessible. We understand the complexities of navigating insurance coverage after an accident, which is why we offer acupuncture and massage therapy covered FREE of charge through your Auto Accident benefits. Additionally, for individuals in Oregon and Washington involved in motor vehicle accidents—as drivers, passengers, pedestrians, or bicyclists—we ensure access to up to $15,000 (and potentially $25,000, depending on your coverage) of FREE HEALTHCARE, including acupuncture.

At Forest Park Wellness, we believe in empowering individuals to reclaim their health and vitality after the trauma of a motor vehicle accident. Our comprehensive approach, coupled with our commitment to accessibility, ensures that you receive the care and support you need to embark on a journey of comprehensive healing and well-being.

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Holistic Healing in the Aftermath of Motor Vehicle AccidentsMotor vehicle accidents can have a profound impact on one's physical and mental well-being, often leading to a range of acute and chronic health issues.Micro-Needling SPECIAL OFFER!