I was scared to have acupuncture treatment. Kaz was wonderful! He was extremely gentle, caring and listened to all my concerns. I highly recommend Kaz. It was the most relaxing experience Ive ever had. His treatments helped me so much! Julie D


I went to Kaz for neck and back pain. At first I was hesitant because of the needles and a past acupuncture experience, but Kaz was very professional and personable in answering all my questions. The treatment was excellent and eased my condition after just 1 session. Thanks Kaz! Tess


Being treated by Dr. “Kaz” has been a fantastic experience.  I had never been treated with acupuncture in the past, and was a little nervous.  My worry was unfounded, as the experience was pleasant and relaxing.

I really appreciate the care taken in reviewing my medical history and conditions, as well as my current overall health status.  This provided a good baseline and allowed Dr Kas to treat me accordingly.  After several visits I have really been able to fully relax and even fall asleep (or as Dr Kaz says, “drift into accu-zone”.

I would recommend his services to anyone interested in getting a holistic view on their overall physical well-being. Vidura Stich

Chinese Herbs/Acupuncture

Kaz is a rare find. I've seen several acupuncturists over the past few years and learned its not merely the needles, but the Chinese herbs that turn the course. Most practitioners will sell you a bottle of prepared formula tablets that's, well, something close to what you need, or hand you a bag of twigs and bark mixed precisely for what you need, but saying, "Here, boil this for 20 minutes, three times a day," (yeah, like that fits in so well with my day.) Kaz is one of the very few Chinese practitioners who stocks granulated herbs, mixes up a formula and tweaks it precisely for your condition. Then all you do is drop a few scoops into hot water three times a day. It's easy to manage and has been super effective. Not to mention he knows right where to put the needles too.

David White

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